Hand and body Evaluation

This department is well furnished with all instruments needed for a full hand evaluation.

1.Hydraulic Hand 200 lb Dial Gauge Dynamometer.

2. Hydraulic 30lb Pinch Gauge

3.Finger Goniometer.

4.The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is ideal for screening of grip strength of initial and ongoing evaluation of patients with hand trauma and dysfunction. The Grip strength is measured by the hand dynamometer and the pinch strength by the mechanical pinch gauge.

5.Skin fold Caliper is a monitoring device to indicate changes in body composition over time.

6.Skin fold measurements are widely utilized to assess body composition which is simpler than hydrostatic weighing and many of the other body composition techniques.

7.The Skin fold Caliper is a precision instrument designed for use in the performance of skin fold thickness measurements from which estimates of body fat are derived.


Exercise Therapy


The prime ideology is to provide tailor made exercise rehabilitation to the individuals and the targeted groups. Our department can be functionally classified as follows, Muscular re-education unit to treat muscle paralysis and paresis, walking school to train correct gait pattern, Cerebral palsy unit to rehabilitate the pediatric population, Cardiovascular fitness to enhance the function of the heart and lungs, Gym facility to empower the muscle strength endurance, group therapy unit to accommodate 50 patients at a time.


Massage & Manipulative therapy

1.The ancient skill in the form of modern scientific therapy. This department demands ambient environment, which is efficiently offered by controlling the room temperature, ventilation, and humidity.

2.The appropriate positioning couches, electronic massagers, Lubricants, draping materials, manipulative belts and most importantly the skillful faculties who impart the manipulative skill to the students.

3.The knowledge of surface anatomy and palpation skills are acquired through the multimedia learning resources and by practicing on human models.



One of the greatest inventions of human civilization is electric current. This department plays a vital role in using the electric energy for the rehabilitation of the patients. The safety and the accuracy is the main concern of this department in delivering their role. It has computerized Interferential therapy (IFT), Short wave diathermy (SWD), Diagnostic Electrical stimulator with Galvanic and Faradic current generation, Ultra sound therapy, Traction machine with dual action for both cervical and Lumbar spine, Wax therapy with auto stat facility to maintain the temperature, Hydro collatrol unit, High degree knee flexion and extension (CPM) Continuous Passive Movements, IRR – Infra Red Radiation therapy, UVR -Ultra Violet Radiation therapy and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).