Dr.M N MAGESH M.P.T(Neuro),F.N.R,MIAP Principal

Welcome to Department of Physiotherapy, a department that focuses on opportunity and achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel. As rightly said by Albert Einstein.

”Education is not learning of facts but training of mind to think”.

Seconding the belief mentioned in quote I take it as my privilege and honor to furnish this message as Principal of this institution for all students and their parents as well.

Students do not study merely to pass the exams instead they study to prepare for the day when they are the only thing between the patient’s right diagnosis and treatment plan .The significance of physiotherapist not an unfamiliar thing in today’s world. They are the strongest and utmost needed association between the wellbeing of patients and well-organized working of other medical alliances.

Physiotherapists are key players in the health care system today. They help in restoring and improving movements, keeping patients healthy, fit and active thereby improving the quality of life. They also play an important role in avoiding surgery and long term use of medications.

Keeping the very fact in mind the department with the support of it`s able faculty members, visionary management and excellent and extensive infrastructure entrenches perseverance and a never-say-die spirit from academics to co-curricular activities in the heart of every student to not only making them good physiotherapists but brilliant human beings.

The college provides encouraging environment for curricular as well as extra-curricular development of the staff and students. We provide them ample opportunities for giving expression to inner literary and artistic talents.

The students have always shown enthusiasm to reach the zenith by excelling in academic field and participating in extra-curricular activities.

With a wisdom and vision of imparting quality knowledge and assembling strong pillars of physiotherapy field I persuade and applaud all parents for choosing this rewarding profession for their child and I welcome all affirmative and confident young warriors for the upcoming careers in field of physiotherapy.

With best wishes for future I welcome you all to KKC College of Physiotherapy.