College life though is portrayed as a carefree one, is fraught with issues which can directly affect the mental well being of the student who is in a very vulnerable age. Thankfully, gone are the days when a person`s mental health was seen as a mark of strength and overall ability. College students are constantly worrying about their choice of career, personal life, competitive outside world, and how they are perceived by their peers to name a few. This is by far the most sensitive time in their life which also has far reaching effects on them as an adult too.

KKC Group of Institutions does not see students as mere students but as young adults who would need expert guidance in times of need. We have a counseling centre which is open during college hours and our top notch counselors do not see this as a mere job and are available any time any day imparting wisdom and best ways of dealing with issues the students are troubled with. The Counseling Centre is an integral part of the college and the students, the teachers and the parents have the liberty to walk in whenever they want to to discuss how best to deal with the issues in hand.

Considering how the issues are unique from student to student, there is no set way of dealing with it, but rest assured our counselors are the best in the field and in serious, life threatening scenarios would interact with the respective parents to chart the best way forward. Each and every session will be confidential and would not be disclosed to anyone unless we need parental interference. Apart from this, students are often given career counseling too.