If there is one thing that the student communities across the world would agree, it would be about how monotonous learning theory alone can be. Students are constantly bombarded with the information and would feel cramped. The world is a playground for children who constantly imbibe things from the objects around them. While this `learning through playing` cannot be adapted literally in the case of college students, the laboratories in KKC can be closely compared to the playground as the students are welcome to test their theory under the close guidance of our expert teachers and lab faculty. We believe in the Gurukul system and our laboratories can be compared to the play area in your house.

KKC College has dedicated laboratories for various disciplines. The nursing college has 20 laboratories in total including an advanced laboratory, a computer laboratory, a nutritional laboratory, a child health nursing laboratory to name a few. We also have a dynamic audio–visual aids laboratory which ensures that each student is involved.

Laboratories play a crucial part in cementing any novel idea they have learnt and these spacious, student friendly labs persuade them to experiment theory and work around new concepts. The college is also affiliated to various multi specialty hospitals around the city so as to provide clinical settings for their students to experience. The students are even sent to rural and other community postings just around 3–5 kms away from the campus, giving them exposure to real world clinical settings.